All of Effects Unlimited systems are designed for consistent, hassle-free shows, allowing the artist to deliver great performances without worrying about technical limitations.  We strive to deliver best possible experience for our clients each and every show.



Effects Unlimited offers only the HIGHEST quality audio gear available today. Offering QSC, DigiCo and Meyer Sound Systems, we can guarantee that every note will be crystal clear.


Along with all of your audio needs, Effects Unlimited has a wide riange of video solutions including LED screens, projection systems, and plasma TV panels.


No matter the size or complexity of your event, Effects Unlimited has the knowledge and resources to provide all of your lighting and effects needs.

Unparalleled service and industry leading technology

Effects Unlimited, looks toward the future constantly seeking simpler and more affordable
solutions to our clients’ needs, and utilizing our twenty years of experience to remain on the
cutting edge of progress and innovation.

Effects Unlimited

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